Anthony M. Davis, Board Certified Hypnotist Featured on CBS Television

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CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (NEWSPLEX) — There are many myths surrounding hypnosis. Some think of it as a form of mind control or that it’s done by staring at a swinging watch until you get sleepy, but those theories are false.

It’s a natural process people go in and out of everyday and it’s being used to heal.

Brittany Casstevens, a survivor of abuse, is sharing her story of how hypnosis brought her back to life.

“I was emotionally numb,” said Casstevens. “If I didn’t leave I could have been killed.”

Casstevens has dealt with the scars of abuse since childhood.

“I was not good at genuinely feeling my smile. I woke up every morning and begged myself to get out of bed, so that I could fake it another day.”

Today there is no faking, her smile is real and she gives all the credit to Board Certified Hypnotist Anthony M. Davis.

“There are some people that come in here and think I have a magic wand,” said Davis. “It doesn’t work that way.”

Davis is one of 140 Board Certified Hypnotists in the world and there’s no wand or fancy tricks. Hypnotism is all about comfort, relaxation and tapping into the subconscious mind. The subconscious is labeled as the protector and stores every single experience a person goes through.

“Because your subconscious mind is there to protect you or take care of you,” said Davis. “When you’re in a state of hypnosis and I’m telling you you’re good, you’re enough and capable of doing what you want, your mind says OK cool, I’ll take it.”

During a session a client sits back, closes their eyes and focuses on the voice of one.

“When they start to focus on what I’m telling them,” said Davis. “They’re not hearing that other tape player that’s going all the time.”

Casstevens was a client for 6 weeks and says what Davis taught will last a life-time.

“He taught me that not only is it OK what I’ve been through and what I’ve dealt with, but the situations that I’ve been through are so common,” said Casstevens. “He taught me not to be ashamed.”

Hypnosis is a holistic approach, there’s no diagnoses given or prescriptions written. It’s teaching a person to positively feed the subconscious mind, while incorporating life coaching and forgiveness, so people like Casstevens come out on top.

She has now graduated the program and is currently writing a book.

Although the bulk of Davis’s clients are women who have suffered long term abuse, he works with first responders, military members and their families. He also works with clients to kick habits such as smoking, over-eating and even extreme couponers.

Anthony M. Davis Attains Professional Level as NGH Board Certified Hypnotist

Anthony M. Davis, BCH, MSCA

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. – Sept. 14, 2016 – PRLog — Anthony M. Davis, BCH, MSCA, of Healing Hypnosis in Charlottesville, VA successfully fulfilled all required criteria to earn the prestigious level as a Board Certified Hypnotist (BCH). The certifying body for Board Certification is the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), the oldest and largest organization overseeing training and certification worldwide. A hallmark of the NGH is that all members are required to operate within the scope of their practice and strictly adhere to the NGH Code of Ethics.

Mr. Davis successfully passed all written and oral examinations, and obtained professional recommendations by other NGH Board Certified Hypnotists prior to eligibility to attempt the testing process. At the time of this writing, the NGH has a worldwide membership of 18,000 hypnotists. Of those, less than one percent of the full membership have earned the title of Board Certified Hypnotist.

Anthony M. Davis of Healing Hypnosis in Charlottesville, VA is now eligible to be counted among this elite one-percent status within the hypnotism profession.

Anthony M. Davis is an Integrative Hypnotist, Accredited Stress Coach, Leadership, Success and Life Coach. He is particularly known for his successes by helping women regain their lives after long-term abuse and emotional distress. As a prior military veteran of two military services, he assists military members and their families overcome challenges of military life and battle stresses. Additionally, from a law enforcement background, Mr. Davis assists law enforcement and first responders with challenges from occupational stressors.

In 2014, the NGH selected Mr. Davis as a Faculty Member to present at the NGH National Convention in Marlborough, MA. He is developing a national resource guide and trains other hypnotism professionals to understand the need to be a resource for law enforcement, first responders, military and their families.

To contact Anthony M. Davis at Healing Hypnosis, call (434) 202-4068 or via the contact form at

Anthony M. Davis Presents at the National Conference

Healing Hypnosis Logo

“Reaching out to our First Responders, Law Enforcement and the Military”

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. – Aug. 28, 2015 – PRLog — Anthony M. Davis, CCH, of Healing Hypnosis in Charlottesville, VA presented at the 2015 National Guild of Hypnotists Convention, which was held in Marlborough, MA on August 7-9, 2015. This year’s event marked the 28th time the 65-year-old professional organization held an educational conference and convention.

Mr. Davis served in two military services and law enforcement capacities prior to becoming a National Guild of Hypnotist’s Certified Consulting Hypnotist (CCH), and advanced certified as the only 5-PATH® practitioner in the Charlottesville, VA area. He was selected by the NGH as a Faculty Member to train at the national conference. Mr. Davis provided a compelling presentation describing challenges and internal stressors faced by first responders, law enforcement and our military personnel, and how to reach out to those communities. Mr. Davis described how helping these individuals who serve our nation would ultimately strengthen our national safety and security.

Mr. Davis began a national survey last year seeking inputs to identify stressors faced by those who serve. The anonymous and encrypted survey continues to support a longer-term project. Inputs are welcomed at Since the presentation, Mr. Davis has begun research to develop a national resource guide with the intent of assisting practitioners with entry-points to assist those who serve our national safety and security.

In the Charlottesville, VA and the surrounding region, Mr. Davis works with adults and teens (parental permission required), to help them deal with many of life’s everyday problems. Using a variety of processes, Mr. Davis developed Transformative Life Centering to help individuals get past traumatic or challenging histories, prepare for new educational or occupational environments and marriage preparation for new couples to begin without past stressors impeding their future lives together. Additionally, Mr. Davis provides leadership and life coaching services to help individuals find their highest level of personal and professional performance.

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