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In order to help you get the BEST benefit, I am offering you a $100 discount. If you pay for the five sessions at the first visit needed to complete the Transformative Life Centering processes, I will give you a $100 discount. I am the ONLY practitioner in this region that is 5-PATH certified and the ONLY one that does Transformative Life Centering (TLC).  I can say that because I am the one that developed this specific TLC series to help you.

My sessions are $145 per session.  Five sessions would be $725. When you commit to working with me to knock out those things that have been holding you back in life, then you get the discount and only pay $625.  This is a good thing for you. 

  The $100 discount is really a REWARD that you give yourself for choosing to reach a better place in your life.

Many times people come for help and tell me they only want to work on one thing and they are not interested in getting anything else fixed in their lives.  I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to wrap my head around that concept. Yet, it’s very informative to me because a person that doesn’t want to commit to their very best, might not fully participate in the sessions either.  Don’t be like that. Choose to be successful in life.

ALL habits are based upon some emotional trigger so let’s neutralize those things that cause you to eat too much, drink too much, smoke too much, [Fill in the blank] too much. In the same way, ALL fears, worries, angers, negative self-talk are also emotionally based.  And that’s what I work on with you.

The majority of clients I see are women who many times travel from long distances to see me.  Many of them have been living with the effects of long-term abuse or trauma that happened to them.  Many times I get clients that live each day with free-floating fears and worries or they lack self confidence because of misbehavior by others.  I help them get their lives back.

When you decide that you want to clean up the emotional hurts and triggers that hold you back, here’s what we do:

  • Every session is personalized specifically for you based upon a series of intake forms that helps me understand your needs.
  • We work on long-lasting fears and false perceptions that may have held you back in life.
  • We work on underlying angers and the causes for them.
  • During these sessions you recognize that negative habits or feelings were based upon some emotional trigger.
  • During the sessions I offer success coaching and provide specific suggestions during hypnosis to help you succeed on other areas of your life as well.
  • During our sessions we go beyond hypnosis and I teach you a variety of self-care tools so that you continue to grow and be successful in life.
  • Along that same line of continual care, I create a personalized password-protected page for you so that you can return whenever you want to listen to audios, and review other tools and processes we covered.

I don’t care much for some “Long-term subscription plans” that some practitioners use.  I care about your moving forward in your life successfully.  This is why I work to provide you with the tools you need. This way you KNOW that you are capable of reaching your goals.  Certainly I have clients that may want to come back to see me again later for a session or two for other areas that they may want to work on.  That’s fine.  They are moving into new successful areas and that’s progress.  For any sessions after the five Transformative Life Centering sessions, each are discounted.

So realistically, the $100 discount is really a REWARD that you earn

because YOU choose to get the best care that covers many areas of your life.

Contact Me TODAY and let’s get started

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