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I Regained My Life After 30 Years

Most people would think I had a wonderful life. A beautiful home and career and no reason to complain. The first 2-3 years of marriage it was the life I dreamed of until the abuse started. When my friends told me about the work Tony Davis does on the other side of the country, it seemed unworkable.

But I needed the best and my friends wouldn’t let me say no. I emailed him and he called me right back. I knew he was a person I could trust and feel safe with. After our first appointment, it was amazing how little changes started and they kept growing into goodness.

I recommend Tony Davis as an amazing hypnotist and coach. He told me we would be a team and work together. It was work but his leading me showed me how to be the stronger me again. He showed me that anyone can be in abusive relationship but we don’t have to tolerate it.

L.C. Northern CA

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