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live-light-and-healthyLosing weight is challenging but it can be done. We decide that it’s time to drop a few pounds yet we often don’t know where to start. Do an Internet search of weight loss products and you can easily get lost in the hype of the latest “Super-Duper eat all you want diet” or the “Drink water until you drown diet”.

Then there are the diet supplements that are not approved and yet promise that you’ll shed pounds while you sleep. After tossing money into the wind with some of these options, many people become disheartened and give up. And how does that build upon your health and make you a stronger, fitter person? It doesn’t.

The reality is that as a society we over eat because we were trained to do so. Remember as a kid you were told to eat everything on our plate? For some people, their families lived through hard times and remembered the painful feeling of hunger and they don’t want to experience that again. There’s a mental connection that we have as a society with being hungry and being successful.

That mental connection is an emotion…a feeling that we often fail to harness in our lives. If we truly understood the power that our feelings have over the “Too Much _______” (eating, drinking, smoking, gambling…fill in the blank). With our physical health and diet, we too often get on a cycle of eating because we are bored or just need to feel good, then we eat because we’re upset that we’re over-eating.

This is why I’m very selective over who I’ll see regarding weight issues alone. For the same number of sessions it’s best to go through the Transformative Life Centering process to free yourself of the things causing your habits and challenges in the first place. This freedom puts you in a place that gives you control over your life.

Becoming fit and reclaiming your life back is not impossible. It’s important to gain a good understanding of who we are as an emotional being. Why do we do what we do… when we do it and… why do we do those things so often in a negative cycle? Once we understand that, we have a much greater level of success dealing with any of the “Too Much” habits. So…before I tell you about Hypnosis, let me tell you about a very inexpensive and easy-to-read book that will ease the path for you. This book, The Secret Language of Feelings” by Cal Banyan will help you to understand how to recognize those things that pull you away from success. I recommend that everyone preparing to find success through Hypnosis add this book to your plan. It will help prepare you for the awesome work that we can do together in Hypnosis.


How Does Hypnosis Help?

tslof-bookOur habits are the result of responses based upon what our subconscious mind believes is best for us. Realistically, our subconscious too often points us toward those things that are more comfortable….and comfortable isn’t always best for you. As a 5-PATH Practitioner, it’s important that I bring you to a deep state of Hypnosis and then take those actions that can reprogram negative habits into positive ones.

When we do weight loss work together, you should expect somewhere between 4 to 6 sessions. This is a Transformative Life Centering process where we first prepare you for the significant work that will be done to communicate effectively with your subconscious mind. The first is an important preparation phase where you will be brought into a deep, relaxing state of hypnosis. During this phase I begin the work of building your confidence, calming stress and placing positive suggestion into action. After this first session, my clients often tell me about the good changes they are seeing in their life.

Then, the next session we move into the second phase of transforming and centering your life. This is where we go deeper and search for those things that may have been a hidden cause for challenges in your life. Together we work to find the cause and then through an insight process, you begin to see the solution. This phase is often the most profound experience of your life as you have an opportunity to see areas that held you back and then move forward with a new sense of freedom. This freedom allows you to make the choice to live free and change habits.

In the third and fourth sessions we begin neutralizing any deep-seated anger that you may have carried through life. These bits of emotional baggage once neutralized, takes you further to a state of Transformative Life Centering to empower your ability to be in control.

Depending upon your weight goals we may need additional sessions. Yet, after you’ve been through the first two sessions, you’ll be amazed and surprised at life changes as they begin to materialize in your life after each session. These changes help you to be in control of your life and habits that impact your weight.

I work with you on an individual basis to hypnotize and coach and guide you in the direction of success. At the end of the day…You are fully capable because the tools you need to take control of your life are already there. Through the Transformative Life Centering process, you can enjoy the life you were created for.

I’m not trying to sell you hype. Every person is different and that’s why I modify the process each step along the way to ensure that we are constantly working for your good with a customized process for you. We just need to work together to give you the freedom to be in control of your life.

So…Reach out Today. Contact Me and We can Begin Talking About a Plan for You.

My goal is to help YOU be successful.

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