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My Primary Work

Healing Hypnosis was created for one purpose and one purpose only: To make a positive difference in people’s lives.

I’ve lived and worked in many places around the world and I’ve watched people take on the burdens that others place upon them. The impact of misbehavior and unkindness by some have caused good, loving people to absorb stresses, worries and false beliefs leading to confidence issues and illness.

That does NOT have to be. By coming here, you are showing your willingness to make positive changes and live the life you were designed for. Congratulations! You are one step closer to being in control of your life. You can feel proud of yourself and enjoy confidence knowing that you are capable of living well.

If you are a Christian and have concerns about hypnosis, I HIGHLY recommend that you read my book, “Renewing Your Mind – Perspectives of  Christian Hypnotist”. I’m not suggesting this to sell a book. The couple dollars that I might get from a royalty are minimal. When we work together, we become partners, both focused on your care. The book explains what hypnosis is, what I believe, how I work, and why the work is important to you.

All Sessions are Online

Since the arrival of COVID-19, all of our sessions are now conducted online. There are only a few things needed on your side to ensure you have effective and private sessions with me:

  • A computer with a Web Camera so that I can see you.
  • A microphone so I can hear you (as we will be talking during the sessions.)
  • A comfortable chair (Like a recliner) that you can settle into when you begin entering  deep state of relaxation.
Woman with Trauma

Abuse or Emotional Distress Support

Many women have been the victim of physical, sexual or emotional abuse or distress at some point in their lives.

Through hypnosis we work to neutralize the resultant fears, worries, angers and other emotions that ruin their self-confidence and impede healthy relationships.

Because of the life-changing work done at Healing Hypnosis, many women have traveled long distances to gain a new perspective of the events in their lives.  Your past does NOT determine your future.

Leaving family for army

Support for Our Military and Their Families

Our military personnel place themselves in harm’s way to defend our nation, our citizens and a free way of life.  Many of these men and women served in war zones during numerous extended deployments.  Many have given the ultimate sacrifice.  Of those that return, many have serious physical injuries.  Then, some return with the mental scars from the constant effects of battle stress.

As these men and women attempt to cope, their families often live with the many uncertainties of trying to recover.  Through hypnosis and a series of stress-relieving processes, Healing Hypnosis can help the military member and their family find that sense of peace they long for.

Police at funeral

Police & First Responder Support

While the world around us seems to be at war, our law enforcement, fire fighters, emergency medical technicians and dispatchers face significant challenges every day.  A nation stays strong when there’s order and yet, political factions choose to target these men and women that serve others.

The stresses that result from the uncertainties of the constantly changing environments, pull at our law enforcement and first responders each day.  Just like the military, family members also find themselves living in a state of stress and worry. Through hypnosis and a series of stress-relieving processes, Healing Hypnosis can help those who serve to find a sense of internal peace and focus.

As you look through the website, if there are questions, stop by the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). If you don’t find an answer to your question or you are unsure how hypnosis can help you, feel free to leave me a note at the Contact Page so we can schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation.

My Gift to You: Enjoy this Free Relaxation and Confidence Audio

(Click the Photo Below)

Spa and aromatherapy oils

Some people count on willpower alone. While there have been successes because of a person‘s “will” to get something done, that takes too much personal energy to stay the course. Through hypnosis, you will be turning negative habits and perceptions into positive outcomes to live a happier, healthier life.

Which would you prefer?

  • (Will Power) Spending your time, energy like the little tug boat saying, “I think I can…I think I can”, or
  • Pursuing positive, long-lasting changes that turn negative habits and perceptions into positive outcomes so that you “Know” you can?

You may have heard that we only use around 10% of our mind. That’s because as we live our lives each day, we operate and make decisions with our conscious mind. That part of the mind can only deal with 7 to 9 bits of information at any moment. Yet, it is the subconscious mind that holds every thought, memory and experience we’ve had since our life began.

Through hypnosis we can guide your subconscious mind to change unhealthy habits, diminish stress, build skills and restore our bodies to live a satisfied life.

This is why being a Board Certified Hypnotist is such an exciting profession. Every day I have the opportunity to fulfill my goal of, “Making a Positive Difference in People’s Lives.

Hypnosis Effectiveness Chart showing hypnosis beats other thereapies for effectiveness.

I am not a medical or mental health provider. I am a Board Certified Hypnotist trained through the American School of Clinical Hypnosis. I hold a Board Certification through the National Guild of Hypnotists and a Certification as a 5-PATH Practitioner.

If some issues are outside the scope of my practice, I can refer you to those best able to help. I am obligated by an ethical standard to pursue the best care for you and operate within the scope of my training. In many cases, even if you are being seen by a medical professional, I can help you if I receive a medical referral. This is common practice as many doctors refer to certified consulting hypnotists to complement their plan of care.

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