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Because you have decided to become a client of mine, I owe you some things:

1. You should expect me as your hypnotist to schedule appointments and live by them.

2. You should expect me as your hypnotist to treat you with respect and seek to help you with your reason(s) for pursuing hypnosis.

3. You should expect me as your hypnotist to perform at a level of professionalism.

4. You should expect me as your hypnotist to be well trained and current.

5. You should expect me as your hypnotist to speak to you in plain English and not use confusing jargon. If you are unsure of something, you should expect me to explain anything you do not understand clearly, and to answer any and all questions with patience and understanding.

6. Although I do not diagnose or prescribe, nor tell people what to do, in the course of our sessions. I suggest, educate, motivate and inspire people to get well. I do not provide physical or mental therapy. I am not a doctor or psychological counselor. Any suggestions or advice are general and should not be interpreted as a substitute for consulting with medical or mental health professionals.

7. Accordingly, I take no responsibility for the consequences of any actions you might decide to take based on any comments or opinions I may express in the course of your visit.

8. Confidentiality: I will not release any information about you to anyone without a written authorization from you, except as provided for by law.


Because you have decided to become a client of mine, you owe me some things as well:

1. When you make an appointment, please keep it. I understand that events occur that can interfere with our schedules. Yet, it is important to endeavor to keep our commitments.

2. When you arrive for a session, be mentally prepared to begin seeing positive change in your life. People who want to be hypnotized and expect great results are more likely to see them.

3. During hypnosis sessions, agree to follow the suggestions I give you as they are intended to make the change you came for. Don't spend time trying to analyze each step -- that only impedes progress and prevents your success. Just "Go With It" and let the process work for you.

4. Understand that during advanced processes some elements can become emotional. Yet, once through those points your life may be completely different because you have begun the process of shedding unnecessary baggage you have been carrying for years. Unlike counseling sessions, hypnosis is intended to be life-changing.

5. You respect the fact that we are both working in this together, and that we are going to keep you healthy and strong, so that you will live a happy and prosperous life.

6. If there's a hypnosis process that you don't understand or feel as though something was awkward or didn't work well for you, you will feel free to tell me. It is important to me that while we may try various hypnosis methods, that we achieve a high level of success.

7. When you are satisfied with my professional hypnosis services, then you agree to consider sending me an email testimonial or refer people to me who you would like to see enjoy successful resolution of issues from hypnosis. I believe that we benefit in life by helping others to live happy lives as well.

I agree to participate and work as a team through each hypnosis session on your behalf.



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