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If you feel like you might need a maintenance session or two, that’s okay.  In fact, you should feel proud of yourself that you recognize that as humans we need to keep ourselves in a healthy state.  By now, you have learned a great deal about yourself because you have completed a series of sessions as part of the Transformational Life Centering (TLC) program to make you the strong, confident person that you are inside.  As your personal Consulting Hypnotist, I understand and I am here to assist you as you move forward to achieve new goals. 

You are likely not even seeing this page unless you have successfully completed the Transformational Life Centering (TLC) program.  That in itself shows that you are extraordinary.  You have stepped up when others around you decided to complain about issues.  You stepped up to make a difference.

You and I have been through a journey together and you’ve done well.  Sometimes one journey leads to new ones and when you feel like you need a recharge, I am here for you.  Now that you have completed the TLC program, rather than have to pay the full rate for service, each session now is only $110 as opposed to the $135 that was billed before.  I believe you are important and I want to help you succeed. If I can help to make your success affordable to you (while still maintaining expenses on my side), then this discounted rate seems fair.

If you would like to schedule maintenance sessions, just click on the logo (screwdriver & wrench) above and it will take you a page where you can contact me securely.

As always, wishing you the very best. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Anthony M. “Tony” Davis, CCH


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