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Subconscious coaching

Subconscious Coaching for a Brighter Future

This article describes subconscious coaching after recent emails from new clients about this work.

In life, we all experience periods of stress and sadness. Sometimes it becomes a season of despair. We naturally feel the way we think. Focusing on stressful feelings or sadness only takes you down a long, lonely, uncomfortable road unless you choose to create something better.

Where Does the Stress and Sadness Come From?


I’m not talking about all the things or people and situations. There’s not enough paper in the world to capture a list of all the things that can dampen your spirit and lead you to depressive thoughts and feelings. I’m talking about the where in your mind and body that sadness lives.

When you’re feeling the effects of sorrow, heartache, grief, or regret, they dwell in your body. Sure, the thoughts spin around in your head like an out-of-control tape-player, but you feel it in your body.

As a Board Certified Hypnotherapist and Stress Coach, I’ve worked with hundreds of clients across the nation. It’s safe to say that 90+ percent of my clients come from trauma, abuse, grief or some other sad place. In the last few years, many more reached out to me because they struggle in toxic work environments and they need a path forward.

This is the reason many of my articles address these toxic places. The self-confidence-busting sadness dumped on them by weak managers slowly disintegrates the happiness my clients once experienced.

Going back to the earlier question about where sadness lives, we need to look at where it starts. Here’s another statistic: 100% of my clients that seek help to get past sadness carried fear, false beliefs or misperceptions in their subconscious for years. The underlying troublemakers hold you back in life. They later show up to cause difficulties in your body.

The Uniqueness of Subconscious Coaching


One of the unique things about what I do is help my clients reach a level of relaxation they might never have experienced before. They are so relaxed that the feeling of the fears, stress and sadness is easy to detect. The clients are able to tell me exactly where in their body they feel the effects of the things they carried with them for years.

Most often, they tell me they feel it in their chest or stomach. At other times, it could be a hand or an arm. There’s always a reason that’s personal to their experiences.

We then know where it is, and through subconscious coaching, we then find what it was and what caused it. Then, before we get rid of it by minimizing the power it had over you.

If a negative thought or belief doesn’t serve you, there’s no reason to carry it around and let it continue to hold you back.


Subconscious Coaching is Efficient


I’m a realist and I don’t believe we need to waste time. I’ve created a series of sessions that address the hidden fears and calm them. We also explore the effects of the many times in life that others have harmed you, physically or emotionally. While we cannot undo what happened, we can minimize the way it affects you. Basically, you have the power to make it insignificant and disruptive to your life.

It’s an amazing thing to watch a person who carried the results of someone else’s unkindness. The client releases it because the other person no longer has power over them.

No Long-Term Plan

I don’t operate like a chiropractor or therapist that believes you need to be on the “Therapy Subscription Plan for Life”. While there are a series of sessions in Transformative Life Centering with subconscious coaching, I make every effort to limit your time and expense. Before COVID, I had clients that would fly in at their time and expense. Not everyone can afford that.

Remote Sessions

Remote meeting

Now, I see everyone via Zoom. It makes the work affordable, and no one knows of the work we are doing except you and me. Having worked with people coming from toxic workplaces, I can just about guarantee you, many poor managers will hold “the need for therapy” over a person’s head to limit their value.

Through subconscious coaching, there are a series of key issues to address and we work through them together. When we remove the road bumps in your life, we can start pursuing goals and creating action steps to get there.

New Clients ask if a remote session works. Absolutely. Since the COVID period, I tested and adjusted my work and clients are getting significant results. The key is that we work as a team. The client just has to settle back and relax and let the work happen.

Mindfulness vs. Subconscious Coaching


In many of my articles, I have addressed various ways to ease stress and engage in mindfulness meditation. When writing about it, I often hesitate.

Here’s why:

Mindful meditation is a process to change your focus and, over time, live calmer. When a person practices mindfulness consistently every day for weeks or more, they will see change. Mindfulness is a helpful resource for you for ongoing self-care. Yet, when you want to create change, you want to get tangible results quickly.

The work found in my Transformative Life Centering process can start making healthy shifts in the first session. I wish I counted every time a new client says, “Wow!!” at the end of their first session. This isn’t a sales pitch. It works well and quickly and goes back to the efficiency I talked about earlier.

This is the fastest way to create change than anything else I’ve seen.

It was a Surprise to Me

When I sought self-care tools to help me in a toxic work environment years ago, I didn’t know how quick and safe this work is. I certainly had no plan to become Board Certified and do this work.

This work is also medication-free. You only have one liver in your body. Why fill it with chemicals from some drug that can negatively affect you? There’s a reason they do a liver function test to ensure there’s no damage. With that said, some diagnosed conditions require medications and it’s important to follow the guidance of your medical practitioner.

The work I do through subconscious coaching is an all-natural approach.

Being Our Best

In a world that sometimes seems like it ran amuck, we have a responsibility to ourselves, those we love and care for, and to be our best self.

When you choose to work with me, the work can do wonders for you.

A Source to Help You…

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Anthony M. Davis is a Certified Leadership, Success and Stress Coach. He is a clinically trained Board Certified Hypnotherapist.

He has earned a national reputation for his Transformative Life Centering work with clients from across the nation. His unique approach helps clients remove underlying fears and triggers, and then, through coaching, helps them pursue and accomplish life and career goals.

He provides Coaching and Hypnotherapy sessions remotely through Zoom. If you have challenges and are ready to move past them, Contact him Here to create the life change you desire.

Bestselling Author, Board Certified Hypnotherapist, Leadership / Success Coach, Accredited Stress Coach, Artist

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