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Occupational Stress Survey


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Please Participate in the Occupational Stress Survey

Your Inputs and Perspectives Can Make a Significant Difference

The Occupational Stress Survey focuses upon two main occupational areas: Law Enforcement / First Responders and members of the Military. While the military missions differ from the general category of first responders, they do in fact respond (from a global perspective) and their stress result have similarities.

All responses to the survey are COMPLETELY ANONYMOUS.

Why is this survey being done and what will be done with the results?

This survey is intended to identify issues that law enforcement, first responders and military professionals face in their day-to-day jobs and in their daily life. Each of these individuals provide significant value to the safety and well-being of our nation. America remains strong because of their service. It is an imperative that capable professionals are made aware of this potential avenue to provide service to those who serve. The effects of stress if left unchecked weaken individuals, families and our national preparedness and operational strength.

The results of this survey will help prepare a presentation before the National Guild of Hypnotists’ national conference in August 2016. This global organization is comprised of thousands of professionals who have significant training and expertise, helping everyday people with everyday issues. Mr. Anthony M. Davis has been selected as a faculty member to present on this critical topic. Once presented to the conference, practitioners will be in a better position to develop and offer stress management programs to people within their areas.

How long will the survey be available for responses?

This is intended to be a long-term project as world and political events, budgetary issues and environmental conditions can add to, or distract from various stress conditions. With that said, the initial data collection period will continue through May 15, 2016. Inputs from the respondents will provide the initial view necessary to support the August 2016 presentation. Responses after that point will continue to be valuable as they will give a broader view to support a follow-on phase to identify and implement resources to support first responders, military and transportation professionals.

Will the results of the survey be made public?

Yes. Sometime after the National Guild of Hypnotists’ national conference, the information will be made available at this site. An appropriate press release will go out indicating the publishing of the survey. To ensure you don’t miss the release, subscribe to this site so you will be appropriately informed of the progress. (See Subscription link at the right-hand side of this page)


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