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Amazing Change in My Life

I went to see Mr. Davis at Healing Hypnosis because I knew I needed help and nothing else seemed to work.  I’ve read the self-help books, tried to meditate, placed positive sayings everywhere.  I felt like I was losing my life or at least not living it. I found Healing Hypnosis online and decided to call. From my very first discussion with Mr. Davis, I knew that he understood me.  He took time to discuss hypnosis with me and how I could release myself from those things that have beat me up for decades.

After our very first appointment, I began to feel differently about myself. He paid attention to me and put together hypnosis sessions that were made just for me.  His calm and relaxed demeanor helped me to remove any fears and experience incredible changes. It seemed like he knew exactly what to do and when I needed to do it.  He helped me change the way I believe about past experiences and removed my needless habit of being fearful. Then he showed me how to release myself from hurts by others and how to get rid of self-guilt.

I had no idea that I could ever be free from the history that hurt me for over 30 years. Nothing else worked until I went to see Mr. Anthony Davis at Healing Hypnosis. He tells me all the time that it was not him that did it, but it was me.  I understand what he’s saying but I also know that I would not have had the amazing results in my life with someone else.  He really takes time to understand the issue and worked with me.

Sarah K.
Orange, VA

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